Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

One of the largest park in Kenya and one of the oldest. Great herds of elephants roll in the red-dust soil here and gather at essential watering holes to sustain life. The images of these giants spraying each other is one of delight and never to be forgotten.

The park’s sparse foliage allows for easier wildlife spotting and it’s not uncommon to come upon the unique Tsavo lions whose adult males lack the familiar manes.

Tsavo East is the largest protected area in Kenya, a land of unparalleled biodiversity and naturally home to Africa’s “Big Five” – black rhino, Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, and of course, lion.

But on your game drives here you can also come upon eland, gerenuk, impala and Masai giraffe. And the birds! Over 500 species like the black kite, lovebird and sacred ibis await your discovery.

Here, too, the land calls out to be explored. You can traverse the Yatta Plateau, at 300 kilometers, the world’s longest lava flow.

And it’s not all rugged plains that meet the eye – the Galana River flowing through the park creates a lush line of greenery cutting across the dusty savannah. You’ll find pods of hippos, crocodile and waterbuck adding to the diversity in this unpredictable reserve.

This park is big – 11,747 square kilometers. And its elevation rises to 1,200 meters above sea level.


The park is in southwest Kenya between Nairobi and Mombasa. It’s relatively close to the beaches of the Kenya Coast and can easily be a 1-day safari for those who wish a quick getaway.

When to go:

The park is open year-round and always accessible. Hours are 06:00 hrs. to 19:00 hrs. daily. Note: One can only walk or hike in designated areas and only in the company of a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger.

Getting there:

By road – you can book a tour with Wild Streamer Safaris from the Mombasa or Nairobi.

Air – chartered aircraft can land at any of the park’s multiple airstrips.

Railway – take the Nairobi-Mombasa railway which runs right through the park.

Things to do and see

The elephants! Rolling in the red-dust soil, spraying each other and herding at such watering holes as:

Mudanda Rock – This is a 1.6 km whale shaped rock towering over a natural dam. The life-giving waters here attract hundreds of the park’s elephants.

Aruba Dam – is a man-made dam of great aesthetic charm and an immense conservation area. The thousands of animals here create a perfect platform for wildlife viewing

Lugard’s Falls – in this oddly eroded natural structure, the Galana River actually disappears into a narrow rocky groove. You can stand astride both sides of the falls and view its plunge into the rapids and pools below, filled with awaiting crocodiles

Walking safaris – get out of your safari vehicle and feel the land beneath your feet on a guided walking safari along the Galana River.

Discover Tsavo East

Whether you come to Tsavo East for an afternoon or several days, there’s so much here to enjoy and remember. The birds, the elephants, lion, leopard and giraffe. This is Africa at its most wild and yet its most accessible. Kenya’s largest park awaits your arrival.